My Way Code:

a person-centred mental health and life skills programme to help navigate life whilst building emotional resilience, feeling more autonomy, taking personal responsibility and celebrating our identity.

Available as workshops for children via WHISkids and coming soon as an App for young people and adults.


We provide the My Way Code concept through workshops in

organisations and groups. In just 2 hours we use just 3 of

our core signs to improve insight into:

Awareness of and reactions to thoughts and feelings,

Identifying support they have and who to go to,

Defining life goals and choosing steps towards positive change.

We are also designing a digital version for companies and organisations to download and self deliver through videos and workbooks.

This provides a cost effective, easy way to support staff and client's mental health and resilience in house.


  • 1 in 4 of us will experience a mental health problem at any one given time - by which we mean people who will need help for their mental health. (Mind, 2016)

  • The economic impact of mental health disorders is also very large. Working populations may experience reduced productivity, greater absenteeism and even ”presenteeism” where the person is at the job but not performing at well. (Dr. Shekhar Saxena, 2016)

  • Each year, 6,000 people in the UK alone take their own lives. (Mind, 2016)

  • Workplace design, culture and environments are also extremely important to maintain the mental health of our workforce. (Dr Vikram Patel, 2016)

During our Community Development programme we tested the 3 core tasks and we saw consistently great results with an average of 70% scoring positive distance travelled from before the workshop

My Way Code workshops strive to be fun and informative.

There are no wrong answers -

each person is encouraged to find their own answers.

There's no pressure to share personal information in the group.

We have a Confidentiality Agreement for all workshops - Read it here.


help you to look at your dreams and what you can do can get nearer to them.


helps you to look at those around you and who is in  your Circle of Support.


helps you to map your feelings in your body and design your own Warning Signs.

Some of our recent workshop feedback from adults and children:

  • Each workshop lasts 2-3 hours dependent on time you have available. We can come to your venue or arrange a venue for the workshop.*
  • All materials provided. Ideally we need a projector and screen but can deliver without.
  • Groups sizes can vary - please let us know your requirements.
  • Outcomes are measured by short surveys and we will summarise the results for the organisation and any comments** after the workshop.
  • The participants keep their worksheets and only hand in the surveys giving them the opportunity to review and refine.
  • Once the App is released all participants will receive a free licence to continue their My Way Code journey.

* additional costs may apply

**only with permission

Various packages available with concessions available for organisations supporting vulnerable people.

My Way Code is also used as part of the WHISatWork Workplace Wellbeing Program where in addition to providing mental health support they also follow up with assessment and services for a complete health package.

Find out more here.

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