My Way Code:

a person-centred mental health and life skills programme to help navigate life whilst building emotional resilience, feeling more autonomy, taking personal responsibility and celebrating our identity.

My Way Code will launch the programme across the globe from a dynamic, sound and up-scalable technology platform which will offer multiple licensing options of products for login and accessibility, as well as support the ability to download apps, content and video to a multitude of devices and platforms.

It will be a flexible, secure, accessible, easy to navigate platform which is scalable, cost effective and operate ethically across territories.

In time, we will embrace new technologies that can help the user understand how the bio feedback and/or stimulation affects the way they can manage life's impact on their lives. 

2. PoweredBy Partnerships

Designing products for partners to allow them to provide services using the core concept. 

3. Digital eWorkshops – providing the tested, proven workshops as a resource for inexpensive self-delivery by businesses with their staff or clients through interactive digital and animated content.

From our online Hub, the program will be accessible through the following: 

1. My Way Code Multi-Media Application - Create and develop an innovative downloadable Multi Media App for the My Way Code programme.

Investment Opportunities: 

We are looking for investors interested in impact and innovation in improving people's lives. We are commited to being agile lean innovators, driven by user experience and data proving positive impact. 

We cannot afford to ignore the impact of mental illness, according to the Lancet it is estimated it will cost the global economy $16 trillion by 2030.

The economic cost is primarily due to early onset of mental illness and lost productivity, with an estimated 12 billion working days lost due to mental illness every year.

Please contact Pete Brooke at to discuss opportunities


My Way Code began as a Non Profit so sustainable social impact is in our DNA.

The My Way Code program is accessible, personal, sustainable & socially effective in its impact and cost. We will invest in, innovate and donate more products to help wellbeing and mental health whilst earning a significant social and financial return on investment for our partners, investors and shareholders.

As our company develops we will seek the most eco-friendly solutions in all our resources including team working remotely

Sustainable Development Goals:-

My Way Code's CSR strategy is underpinned by our commitment to helping to deliver the UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) - a framework of international priority areas to tackle the biggest challenges the world is facing.

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