My Way Code:

a person-centred mental health and life skills programme to help navigate life whilst building emotional resilience, feeling more autonomy, taking personal responsibility and celebrating our identity.

Available as workshops for children via WHISkids and coming soon as an App for young people and adults.

My Way Code is devised by Soni Cox, an experienced and BACP accredited Counsellor and Supervisor.

The idea and innovation for the My Way Code programme is developed from this work – creating an opportunity via technology for anybody to work through these questions on their own, finding their own way; regularly reviewing, tracking and celebrating progress.

Do this before crisis and we support good mental health.

Do this after therapeutic intervention, we can support ongoing recovery.

What we also do by this innovation is capture data about what really is affecting people’s lives and what is working; research we will use to inform policy and influence change.

Find out more about Soni at sonicox.com

In addition to individual use, businesses can benefit by supporting their staff's mental health and wellbeing although paying for licences will not allow access to confidential content. We will, of course, be able to report general trends and evaluation for the company's employees.

Also, with the Buy One Give One Free scheme, businesses can also benefit from helping to fulfil their Corporate Social Responsibility to their communities.

Our hope is to pair businesses with local support agencies, clubs, associations whose service users would benefit from free access building community benefit.

If any employers in Cumbria/Lancs/NE would like to offer their employees the opportunity to help our Community Development Project we will donate 10 free licences to the organisation of their choice. They can either participate through a 2 hour workshop or online.

In addition to this opportunity the My Way Code is being used by the team at the World Health Innovation Summit's WHISatWork and WHISkids programs, working with businesses and in Primary Schools. Click on logos for more info.

Get in touch if you would like more info by emailing: soni@mywaycode.org

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