My Way Code:

a person-centred mental health and life skills programme to help navigate life whilst building emotional resilience, feeling more autonomy, taking personal responsibility and celebrating our identity.

My Way Code will be a new app to help you navigate your best life.

Using signs, maps and tools My Way Code will ask you questions and give information in a private, fun, interactive way, building your own personal toolkit of resources on the way.

Throughout the My Way Code the 3 main signs guide you on your journeys


This sign is all about YOU. Discover how, where and why your feelings, beliefs and behaviours drive your life.

As you journey you will record how things are going on your MOT (monthly outcome table).


This sign is about what and who surrounds YOU and the roles you have in different settings.

Your Dashboard will record learning, progress and store the self-care resources you develop along the way.


This sign is about what direction YOU want to move in and how you can plan to get there.

Stamp your completed journeys on your THRIVER’s LICENCE.

Once the Core Journey is completed we will offer different journeys. This add-on content can include work, family, studying, leaving home, relationships, career goals, retirement prep, end of life and bereavement, managing physical health and treatment - there are many possibilities in so many settings.

My Way Code is created so as many people as possible gain helpful insights to help them live their best lives so our Buy One Give One Free scheme means that by purchasing the App not only will My Way Code help YOU but we will donate a FREE licence to someone who may not be able to afford it of have access to it.


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2. PoweredBy Partnerships

Designing products for partners to allow them to provide services using the core concept.  For example:


3. Digital eWorkshops – providing the tested, proven workshops as a resource for inexpensive self-delivery by businesses with their staff or clients through interactive digital and animated content.

1. My Way Code Multi-Media Application - Create and develop an innovative downloadable Multi Media App for the My Way Code programme.

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